Sunday, May 18

Here's What You Can Eat for PhP36...

... at E-Diner, who jacked up their prices by Php2. I know people are starving in Mogadishu but this is ridiculous. PhP36 for this puny little serving? Upping the price AND downsizing the portions?! Scandal! This cannot be tolerated! Do not eat in E-Diner ever again! I wish I didn't have to eat there anymore but I'm a sucker for their sinigang. So I'm probably going to eat there again. And I'm probably going to hate myself for it.

Rice has been scarce, and people have been expounding on the irony so I'll skip the punditry. Food is expensive and so is gas. We've all fallen victim to the shortage, and are paying through very bloody noses just to stay alive and eat well. I wasn't surprised when establishments started jacking up the prices of their food.

In times like these, I remember whining to my mother for having only PhP5 for allowance. She in turn reminds me that they would be happy with 10 centavos back in the day. Then I wake up and have to pay for my breakfast, and it just makes me want to weep.


Anonymous said...

i had 2pesos/day allowance when i was grade 2. 3 when i was grade 3. 5 when i was grade 4-6 and even in 1st yr highschool. i started receiving 10pesos/day in 3rd yr... sadly i cant survive with just 500/week nowadays. sad sad sad.