Monday, May 12


Ne-yo's "Because of You" is my soundtrack of the day. Punctual! Shame on me. I must relinquish my crown as commercially brainwashed ho-bag, because this song is so damn yesterday it's embarassing.

I don't give an eff - this song is on neverending rotation on Mnemosyne right now. For the ones who aren't in the know, and you know who you are, Mnemosyne is my little silver poddie, who is currently encased in her ultra luxe white faux-leather casing. That thing is sexier than I am. Not saying much, I know.

Further irrelevant news: I read somewhere that Ne-Yo is gay. Represent, sister! Just don't end up like Jacko! Stop channeling the Jackson. You don't want to see the music video for his "Because of You" single. You could photo-shop Michael Jackson's face on his mug, and the transformation would be complete.

I still *heart* this song today.