Wednesday, November 14

Warehouse Family

Had a lot of fun last Saturday with galpal Kristine S., who was nice enough to finally drive me over to White Gold and Makro. Yes, I get my kicks by visiting grocery stores so huge they're warehouses. I actually do love grocerying. There's always something about wheeling a cart down an aisle overflowing with food, produce and canned tins. It's inspiring. (Yes, this is my therapy, aside from shoes.)

My current favoritest grocery store? The new Rustan's Supermarket. Basement floor, Ayala Center.

Anyway, White Gold. Brings back memories. The last time I was at White Gold was before it burnt down - I was ten, I think. I remember keeping an arcade game token from them. So they rebuilt the entire place and it apparently is still a department store although people go there mostly to buy groceries to stock the sari-sari stores. Major bulk. It was warm and a bit uncomfy, but good stuff. They're the only ones that sell this Eng Bee Tin, this really great maker of hopia. I love mongo hopia... oh no. Made in China. Squelch that thought.

Then we sped off to Makro, which is infamous for low low prices and major bulkage - there are no little baskets in that big warehouse. You have to drag a huge-ass trolley (so big you need to drag it behind you), which looks like it's built for stacking boxes on. After ogling just about everything, we settled for a small pack of marshmallows each.

... and... that was it. Yes, life is boring and there's nothing better to do except visit grocery stores. Word of advice: don't wear 4-inch high wooden wedges if you're going grocery shopping. Love your soles and shins.