Sunday, November 25


Watched Enchanted with Paulie and Abby yesterday. It's the most cringe-inducing, ridiculous, embarassing, funny movie I've seen in what seems like a very very long while.

James Marsden as a dashing, singing, prince is a crazy work of casting. But he brought such earnestness to the whole thing, and looked as if he actually didn't mind wearing that stupid-ass princely costume (he looked like he was wearing major shoulder pads). Swashbuckling on top of an NYC bus with poufy sleeves. He deserves whatever amount he was paid for this effort.

Speaking of getting paid, they had to have paid a bajillion to Patrick Dempsey for being willing to wear that atrocious prince-esque costume. I just felt like yelling at him to go back to Seattle Grace. Not working, Dempsey! We can see you cringing!

Maybe I associate him too much with his McDreamy alter-ego. He just looked uncomfortable. But then, maybe that's what he was supposed to look like. Imagine being some dour divorce lawyer suddenly confronted by an idiotic singing bimbo who believes in getting married after only knowing a guy after one day.

Props to Susan Sarandon for being the extremely wicked stepmother. Her boobs are still humongous. She looked like a drag queen. Loved it!

The whole thing was sugary to the extreme - and a load of fun times. It also made me realize how cynical this world already is. Everyone's a jade. No one believes in happily ever after. Which, sad as it can be, is rather true. You don't break out into song in Central Park. No one sings with you - unless it's a Bollywood movie or one of those things Viva Films come out with where Donna Cruz sings "Kapag Tumibok ang Puso" in the middle of some high school and whatnot.


illicracker said...

Kapag Tumibok ang Puso?!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG! I completely forgot about that song! You're hilarious! "Lagot ka na! Siguradong huli ka!"