Sunday, November 4

Time is Unkind

Spice Girls - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

Here's the Spice Women and their latest single and video. They never used to vie for the spotlight before, always preferring to stay in their own niche. One was sexy, one was cute, one was sporty, one was aggressive, one was loud. Now no one is loud and everyone wants to be the classy one. The whole thing is an exercise in "look at me, look at me." KSP out the wazoo.

Why is Ginger Spice the only one baring her stomach? Why is Posh Spice dressed like a bondage queen and voguing for all she's worth? Poor Sporty. Ten years, and she's still the least attractive. Baby Spice just had a baby and therefore can't slut it up yet. Ditto for Scary. They never should've disbanded so soon. This reunion was a bad idea.
Why can't it be 1997 all over again?