Friday, June 29

Too Late?

God, look at them. Hot bitches to the extreme. I remember loving the platform shoes, the attitude and the outfits.

So the Spice Girls reunited yesterday to make an announcement about a greatest hits world tour they're doing together. Why? Why now? I loved them like any crazy high-school girl would, but seriously. All of them have kids, crazy autobiographies and solo albums. They haven't moved on. I still remember Rochelle and someone (was it Sheryl E?) arguing about how Victoria sings one line of 2Become1 differently in the video and on tape. Like it was so important. LOL. High school is just ridiculous.

Well, this one remains to be seen. They ruled the late nineties. Will they rule the late 2Ks as well? Here's hoping the new millennium will be kind. Still, I really don't see the point anymore. Can you see them stomping around screaming "Girl Power!" in six-inch white platforms now that they're over thirty? Seriously.