Friday, June 29

Till Death Do Us Part

What in the eff. On Friendster?! They really are plumbing new depths.

That's right, ladies. Snap up your willing, geriatric man in a wheelchair and live the dream. Viva America! Land of a bajillion needy old men who need Asian women to push their wheelchairs and generally make them feel good about themselves (hey dude, you rock, you're banging an Asian!). This is guaranteed to just make our girls come swarming down the mountainside ready and willing to show some cleavage in some godforsaken internet cafe.

This is so frigging offensive. Why on Friendster? Fine, Filipinos inhabit that site, but why put this? Why stop there? Why not an editorialized, photo-shopped Filipina with dollar signs all cha-chingy in her eyes? Because you know that's what we're all about. It's the only thing we're about. To pry your precious greenbacks out of your spotted, aging hands and use your pension when you're dead.