Saturday, June 2

They really should charge for this

So on my way home from yesterday's supermarket foray, I got treated to a pseudo-porno show on the skywalk. Whoop de doo.

You know how you see these kids running around selling sampaguitas on a string looking pitiful and dirt-streaked? Chuck and I always end up asking how they get made. God I never should've asked because the universe just showed me how.

They do it like normal people. Except they do it on skywalks. At around two in the frigging afternoon. (That's broad daylight, for those not in the loop). No they weren't banging each other (not yet anyway), they were lying sideways, frenching. They know how to open-kiss! Utter grossness. How can these people be allowed to procreate? Aren't there enough mendicants in the world? Chuck and I have decided to rid the world of these by having a downtown rampage. With shotguns. "Oh look, another one!" *BLAM*

I should've taken a pic but stupid me left my phone at home, charging. *Bangs head on wall* I should've brought it! Dammit.

In other news, I'm moseying on home to see la famiglia - haven't seen the folks in two months. So, yeah. This should be fun. Dumaguete in the summer time... the weather is fine... fresh air for a while.


illicracker said...

Did you want them to do it under the skywalk? You have to remember you're in a democratic country. They're horny. It's gross that they're doing it there but they could care less. Maybe they think that if dogs can do it so can they. Oh wait, you can have them arrested for indecent exposure or lascivious public display of copulation. I guess it just sucks that you got to see it. Hehehehe.