Saturday, June 16

Shopping with Dr. Seuss

So, interesting stuff caught my eye while I was shopping for a knife two weeks ago at UniTop while back in good old Dumaguete City. You gotta love UniTop - where else can you buy a perfectly sharp and handy kitchen knife for PhP 6.00? Cheapest store on earth. Arguably, it's replaced Tops and Bottoms on the bargain hotlist.

You can buy bulbs for PhP 10.00 ($0.22), among other good stuff like DVD players that will play everything but the kitchen sink for PhP 1,879.99 ($40.76)! I love the third world, seriously. I'm going to move abroad and shop for things in the Philippines so I can ship them over to my new home. Well, maybe not the plasma TV. Just the cutlery. And the fake paintings.

At any rate, as I was saying, these rare... uh... finds caught my eye:

Hmmm. Let's play spot the fake tits.

Hey, you get what you pay for, right? I love how they rip-off everything, right down to the cat jumping through a white number nine. The cunning way they place "Triple-Action" on that box of toothpaste takes my breath away. Everything but the name. Viva China and its sweatshops. You'd never get anything on the cheap without them! To the best of my knowledge, Colgate has never put ginger root in their toothpaste. Why would anyone want to brush with ginger root...? Oh right, triple-action. Maybe I can use it when I'm cooking and I'm out of ginger? Bad joke, I'm tired. I love how it sits right on top of some obscure Chinese toothpaste with tea in it. Just pass me the Maxam already. I'd take that over this shameless display of copyright infringement any day. I fear for the gums of the general public.

Ah, well.