Friday, May 18

Thank you, God

Maybe we actually have some sense after all. Yes, yes. I'm daring to hope.

Apparently Richard Gomez is ready to accept defeat. Whoo! This is me doing a fist pump right now. Culkin-style, yeah! Time Magazine should make Filipinos the people of the year for actually having the sense to not vote for this guy. If he made it to public office, it'd have been the end of the world. Why'd he even bother running? If there's no business like show business, why do all these useless wastes of airtime even bother leaving?

"Siguro, dahil hindi naging maganda ‘yong naging pakita ng mga dating artistang pulitiko, apektado kaming lahat." - Richard Gomez

God, he just couldn't shut up and take it with a semblance of grace, could he. Blame, blame, blame. Not my fault I lost, if I hadn't been an independent candidate, and blah, blah, blah. And he's whining about being tarred with the same brush because he's an artista? Please. Is he surrounded by yes-men or something? I mean what could he possibly have brought to the political arena, other than being known for playing Ate Shawie's love interest. The decision to run was the stupidest thing he's ever done, IMHO. That goes for you too, Manny. Maybe now he can go back to modelling Bench underwear and leave us in peace.

Richard Gomez, ladies and gentlemen.