Wednesday, May 16

Manny finally gets his ass handed to him. By a girl.

It's too early to hope but stuff like this and this makes me smile.

Now I love me some Pacquiao but the guy really should stay in the ring. Boxing ring. He's as useless as a fork in a soup bowl when it comes to politics. And him being all kawayan about it just pissed me off. First he'll run, then he won't, then he runs. Sorry, dude. You can't be the greatest featherweight Filipino boxer and be a politician at the same time. It's one or the other and frankly, the idea of him in public office makes me shiver. It'll be a portent of the end of the world as we know it, and pave the way for the underqualified and over-exposed. Which does nothing as far as our government is concerned, considering the fact that we already have the underqualified and over-exposed to thank for fucking up even more.

So, yeah. And Richard Gomez being somewhere in the bottom of the polls is heartening - can it be? Could it be we've voted right this time around? It's still too early to hope. I'll dance around when the polls finally come home to momma. Ugh omg. Why is this blog so political?

Can't blame me for droning on. It's everywhere. I wake up to Arnold Clavio telling me who's leading in the polls. Oh yeah and he threw in the fact that last night the M/V Butuan - which is docked over here in La Sugbu - got blown up and two people died.
I know because I woke up at 5AM and like clockwork, the depression began. Thank you. Thanks for making my day a happy one, Clavio. Geez.

You know those sticks them guards use to poke around in your bag aren't doing a damn thing.