Friday, May 18

Poor Thing

Inquirer bleats about Manny being sad and depressed. Well he should be, because right now he's getting his ass whipped but good in the polls. By a girl.


It says something about him mourning the loss of his cash. There, there, Manny. We still love you. You can always go slug it out with some other Mexican and we'll cheer you on. I told you, dude. There's only so much we can forgive. We haven't forgiven this:

Nor have we forgiven you for being the spokeswhore of Extreme Magic Sing. Damn you, Pacquiao why? Why? Why did you have to do this? This is what you get for coming home from a nice victory and immediately entering the political arena!

For a moment there I actually thought he would win. Why wouldn't I? We elected Erap, didn't we?

You know that sinking feeling you get? It's gut instinct. You know he's going to be back.