Tuesday, May 15

$200?! Cheapskate.

Laughed like crazy when I saw that Mark Lapid guy outed for the married man he is. Or was. Whatever, he said he was single. Hahahah! Busted! They’ll even sign their own fakery and swear to the Lord almighty that it’s the truth. Reading on, he's supposed to give $200 a month for child support? And she said yes? Girl is crazy. That's peanuts. She should've milked him for all he was worth so he'd have less to spend on election campaigning.

God, they have no shame. What else is new, they all lie. It’s the name of the political game. They give you the free antibiotics and the school supplies now when they need your one little vote, and when they win, whoops. No more free antibiotics people. Suffer until the next election.

Photo taken from http://www.pep.ph/