Saturday, June 14

And Now for Some Social Commentary


How very magnanimous of our mayor... and how short-lived. He goes on to explain he'd do it if it wasn't for the safety issues. Yeah, whatever. Not surprised.

Speaking of jeepney fare, if it's a hike of .50PHP, why do people still feel they can shortchange us? What makes these people think they're entitled to keep the change? Because gas prices keep surging and they can't up the fare that much? Hah. Sure, gas is expensive. So is rice. I want my .50PHP change, dammit. I'll demand it (actually have had to shoot evil stares at konduktors/loudly ask for my change 3x just to get my change). It may be a paltry .50PHP to someone, but to me, every last centavo counts. And I'd like to think I work pretty damn hard to keep myself afloat.


Boo hoo. From what I understand, they got married here (with a name like Lou VINCENT Suarez, how they did it boggles the mind), were slated to go to Thailand so the bride could get a made-to-order vagina, and get married again. This is why you should test drive the car before you buy it. And why you shouldn't marry the car if you're not satisfied with its parts. Customizing is expensive.