Saturday, November 22


I'm trying to blog but I can't concentrate because the girl beside me has the worst possible breath on earth. Smells worse than a canal, it's giving me a headache. The only time I have some peace is when she shuts her mouth, which is rare because she's too busy giggling and laughing at whatever it is she's looking at.

So how does one actually tell someone else that her breath is the bane of humanity? Her boyfriend must really love her. I entertained a two-minute fantasy of turning to her and asking her not to breathe. I couldn't do it. I'm a coward. Sob.

Not too happy about this latest development. I only get to blog every so often because work has me tied up and I (still!) haven't adopted a laptop, so weekends are pretty much it for me these days. God, I'm so tired of internet cafes. They're veritable havens of filth sometimes. If it isn't some aged 50 year old wannabe mail-order-bride pointing a webcam down her saggy cleavage, it's this.

I think this is a sign. I need to get on the wireless bandwagon and stop torturing myself.


illicracker said...

LMAO LOL I busted out laughing! I can't stop! Grabeh ra pud uy. Does she have halitosis? LOL. You should have told her to deodorize it with a breath mint 'cause she's pretty much offending everyone or everything.