Sunday, November 16

The Concerned Consumer

Choices, choices. It seems like only yesterday I was salivating over the Asus EEE. This was a short-lived love affair that didn't stand the test of time. I came to my senses and realized the EEE just couldn't cut it, I felt like a child when I did the Nikka Test™ on it. Too small. And by the way it's a good thing I didn't buy it then, because what was about Php16,000 is now Php9,999. Poor thing is getting kicked to the curb.

With new models popping up every which way it's a veritable gadget buffet out there. It's getting harder and harder to just find a model and settle down. One needs a connoisseur, someone who can read specs and not go loopy (the way I do - I know, it's pathetic). So I dragged Ramon with me yesterday for a little expert advice.

Has anyone ever heard of Lenovo? Or MSI? Is it snobbery to want a laptop that with good name-brand recall?

Yes, I think buying a laptop is like getting married. I don't intend to just throw one away the moment I get bored with it. It's still good money, and the idea of disrespecting the hard work that goes into earning the money sticks in my craw. (Ellice, Paulie and Darwin are rolling their eyeballs at me right now, I can feel it). So, yes. I want something I can live with for maybe the next 3-4 years, or more.

I have my eye on a number of brands right now, and will need to think this over. I'm obsessed, like that. And I think I may name it Asphodel.