Sunday, November 2

And Then He Bites Her

In keeping with my latest tradition of reading the book before watching the movie, I have currently finished horking up Twilight. Yes, the young adult novel by Stephenie Meyer that ostensibly took the reading public by storm in 2005. I know, was I under a rock in 2005? Why didn't I know about this? I've only just finished the first? Leave me alone.

So, I finished it in three hours. Then I put it down and started wishing the heroine was in front of me so I could slap her for being so incredibly silly.

I thought the whole premise was great, but the fact that the main heroine is 17 didn't sit well with me. What does anyone know about love in the time of cholera when one's 17? I can relate to wanting to be 17 forever. I can't relate to being sure about matters of the heart at that age. Yeah, maybe I'm the shallow one, whatever. I still don't see a 17-year-old making all the decisions the heroine does in the story.

I had definite pictures of the characters in my head, and now I'm wondering why they made Edward look like this in the movie:

He looks like he got attacked by two Ever Bilena salesladies. He probably also fell into a vat of Bench/Fix products while making his escape. This is not the Edward I had in mind. I'd rather take the shorter-haired brunette vampire. Anyway. Overall a light read, frothy fun and romantic walks in rain-wet forests, etc etc - it's like the love child of Sweet Valley High and R.L. Stine's Fear Street put together.


Dominique said...

Ha ha ha, I'm not surprised to read the "slap her silly" comment.

Nope, I'm NOT going to read the book. And nope, I'm NOT going to watch the movie.

But I will make fun of Mr. So-Beyond-Handsome-Vampire's hairdo.

Nikka said...

LOL! Dom, if you fess up to having read this book, I will probably skip two heartbeats. I can't see you doing that!