Thursday, March 27

Too Much Brian Gorrell

Schadenfreude out the wazoo. Manila's finest huddled under a barrage of name-calling. Filipinos have ever loved dirty laundry. It's especially wack because it's so close to home. There are three things Filipinos love: telenovelas, beauty pageants and a good old-fashioned scandal.

Poor Australian Brian. Taken for a very expensive ride. Barring the occasional typo and misspelled word, this Aussie sure can vent.

Lesson to all: try not to get on the bad side of a gay man. Hell hath no fury - and it's worse because the bitch will be half woman/ half man, and all the wrath combined.

Admittedly, I'm a little late to the Brian Gorrell/Gucci Gang Controversy Party, but I finally arrived and boy, is it a read. Google "Gucci Gang" and see what you can find. Sordid and titillating.


JB cool said...

Read more from this site:

This is a very informative and well-written article! The research about the Civil Code is very enlightening. I’m sure not everyone is aware that there exists such an edict in the Philippines. This is a great angle on the Gucci Gang controversy, and it sheds light on why so many are quick to jump the hate train. Their ostentatious display is very sickening, and they seem to flaunt it to the average Juan’s face.

Anonymous said...

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