Friday, March 14


Dial-up sucks.

Nearly 2010 and I'm stuck in my room with the longest telephone wire ever recorded, fingers flying over a Dell that's built for a Pentium II processor. Am I actually stuck in a time warp without knowing it, because it feels like I'm stuck in 1998.

I wonder when I'll ever grit my teeth and just spend for a good laptop. Everytime I think I should just tighten my belt and sacrifice a little, I start getting itchy. Nothing new for a year? I'm not too sure my fragile psyche can take the punishment.

Typical girl. An idiot when it comes to shopping, always choosing form over function, happily spending on things that just don't last. I believe there is a method to the madness, however. Women choose frippery to escape from the dreariness of everyday life. I also believe I do it because I want to forget that time marches on and every second spent is a step close to aging and mortgaging and all the boring stuff that comes with having to be mature and responsible. So I spend to forget and to fool myself into believing that yes, this is all worth it.