Sunday, January 6

Oatmeal and Denial

I know I haven't posted in forever; I just couldn't seem to make this blog a priority for the past few weeks - drowning in preparations for the wedding anniversary, frantic last-minute stuff at work that just had to be done before 2007 kicked the bucket, traveling back and forth from La Sugbu to Dumaguete (yes, I spent the holidays at home), house-cleaning, Christmas shopping... you can see why. Frankly, I'm amazed I even weathered the whole thing.

So 2008 has arrived, and I'm a blimp. This year is going to be about oatmeal and starvation, since I'm not getting any younger and being old and fat is just plain pathetic. I can't do anything about the age thing, but I'm sure I can do something about the weight. Besides, it's depressing to watch the slow slide into obesity. It's not a pretty thing. So, since I'm way too poor to afford liposuction and to have a few ribs taken out, I suppose I'll have to just start depriving myself of everything good in life.

I'm met with raised eyebrows and skepticism, especially from Miss Paulie who says I'll probably backslide and eat myself out of house and home. It could happen. Life's a bitch, I can't get any, and now I can't really eat because then I'll burst out of my own skin. I'm trying to make some lemonade with the lemons that've been thrown at me. KFC. Vanilla ice cream. Chips. Soda. Rice. It's so unfair... why did I have to be the one born with the fat gene?

Oats it is! Somalia, here I come.

Happy New Year to everyone!