Wednesday, January 16

Death of a Client

Does anyone remember this person?

Brad Renfro. He's dead. Died today, according to Yahoo. I don't know why I care - except he was only 25 and an apparent alcoholic. It just seems so sad all of a sudden. He was so cute in The Client. I think I remember Illi telling me about him. Who woulda thunk he'd be dead at 25?

I also remember listening to Ro-elle raving about him and Devon Sawa. Hollywood isn't kind to its workers. I wonder why he was a drunkard. His death serves as today's epiphany for me - sometimes, no matter how bright things look, one can be destined for a bitter, bitter end.

RIP, Brad.


illicracker said...

Grabe sa? I don't know why he was removed from the limelight. The last movie I saw from him was Ghost World. I thought he was cute there too...Well he is kinda cute no matter what. Listen to me. That sucks that he is dead.