Wednesday, January 23


Heath Ledger

Why, Heathie, why?!?!

I was in the happiest mood today until Jana told me Heath Ledger died. Now I just feel devastated. Why are all these cute guys dying? Isn't it enough that everyone else is gay?

Heathie was dressing like a bum for the past few months but I never thought that would signal his descent into nothingness. I just thought it was a phase... how can the loving Aussie who played with a bratwurst and asked if he could "hit the lights" in 10 Things I Hate About You actually be dead? He's only 28!

It's so sudden. I keep thinking Reuters will sit up and say "April Fool" but it's only January. It's not fair and why weren't we warned ahead of time?

What a waste of life. He really stood out as one of the best young actors of my college life. I didn't care how crappy A Knight's Tale turned out to be, but he made it work. I just had this ridiculous crush on him for ages.

I have no words.

RIP, Heathie.