Sunday, February 1

Just Chillin'

The bliss! The utter bliss! See, this is why I love CD-R King. I hate the queue, but I love the produce. I was holding my breath and waiting for the day they start selling kitchen sinks you can connect to your PC via USB, and thought it was never gonna happen. But no. CD-R King did me one better and showed me that wishes do come true:

Ahahahahahahaah!!! Feast your eyes on "the only way to keep your drink cold while you're at your computer!" Yeah, because you can't be bothered to drag your lazy fat butt out of the chair to visit the fridge. This is the future... we're all going to be stuck in our chairs facing our PCs, and everything will be connected via USB.

Here's the inside of this modern-day miracle. Isn't it wonderful, technology nowadays? We've gone from placing bottles in a running stream, to iceboxes, to this. You know you want one. You know you do.