Sunday, February 8

Goodbye, Preciousss

Sneaky little Hobbitses up and carried off my Motorola L6 last Thursday! The filthy little thieves! We hates them, we hates them!

Sadness. Take a moment and help me mourn the death of a very good tech friend.

My preciouss is now officially lossst and I'm going to have to go on another quest to find a replacement. I started the quest earlier this afternoon and I'm going nuts trying to choose. It's so hard.

This is like having a bad break-up... I've had that phone number since time immemorial. It's the first sim I bought, and it's been eight years - forcibly taken away and now I have to start fresh. I'm still in mourning, actually. The separation sucks and I hate the knowledge that I'll have to spam all of you and ask for your phone numbers again.

Maybe it's a good thing I have Facebook.

Yes, the universe has plans for everything and this is probably life's way of screaming at me to get a new phone and a new phone number instead of procrastinating.

So the question is: Globe, Smart, TM, Talk and Text, Sun? What's it going to be? I'm comfortable with Globe, I wouldn't touch Talk and Text though. My latest children have been screaming their choices and they're almost unanimously Globe. Should I still stay with them? Their customer service sucks, big time. Like really sucks. Don't call Globe customer service unless you want an excuse to blow your top and have your blood pressure regulated.

Having lost my cellphone (and, subsequently, the method by which the outside world contacts me) is strangely liberating. I'd forgotten what it was like to not be so readily available. I'm not very sure if I like it at the moment. The silence is deafening.


Anonymous said...

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